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My coaching mainly helps people who cannot control their consumption of certain processed foods and who are ready to move fast towards their goals.
Paleo • ketogenic • carnivore food plans | Lose weight | Restore health, find balance and nutritional serenity


“Every day I wake up thinking that this will be the day I control my cravings. I usually end up disappointed. Sometimes I last until the evening, sometimes I cannot resist as soon as I see a piece of cake. Why do some people can eat a little bit of everything, but I can’t even though I have a strong personality and a lot of willpower?”


There are sweets everywhere in the house. My husband and kids eat them. Some days everything is fine and I have no trouble resisting. Nevertheless, stressful situations are still difficult to manage. When I hear “a small piece won’t do anything”, I taste a little and then I inevitably overeat.”


I read books and listen to podcasts about food. With every new book, I expect it to bring me the ultimate solution. Basically, I already know the foods that I should no longer eat. Despite everything, I find it hard to stop. As soon as I have the taste in my mouth, I am a different person. I’m still waiting for that miracle day when I won’t have cravings.”


I can’t lose weight. However, I go to the gym several times a week and I watch what I eat. But I’m constantly irritated when I’m dieting. Then I break down. All my diets eventually fail. The truth is, I want to give up on everything.


Yesterday I relapsed once again into sugar, after a long meeting that lasted 8 hours. As long as I control my emotions, I manage not to touch the pastries that colleagues usually bring to the office. However, after that meeting I was so exhausted. The sugar probably numbed my irritation.”


I knew I had a problem with food when I started hiding my overeating. My life looks great from the outside but internally I feel trapped. I binge eat and then I feel guilty. Deep down, I know that my uncontrolled behavior is linked to my self-esteem.”


I started my first diet when I was 14. Since then, I have never been able to stabilize my weight. I eat too much and I don’t control the quantities. Today, I am exhausted. My libido is at an all-time low. I don’t want to do anything. Either way, I lack willpower and energy.


I am a compulsive eater. Sometimes I even drive too fast to get a sweet because the craving is so strong. This relationship with food is unhealthy, to the point that I neglect certain activities. My life looks healthy and happy from the outside. However, I feel completely trapped inside.”


I have never managed to moderate myself, neither with cigarettes nor with alcohol. But now that I have stopped smoking, I have gained 30kg. I am more and more isolated because I am ashamed of my weight. I know I need to eat healthier but I panic and fear at the thought of restricting myself.”


/ Heal from processed food addiction by learning the correct nutrition for an addicted brain

/ Improve your health and metabolic issues (prediabetes, type II diabetes, fatigue, anxiety, etc.)

/ Successfully apply relapse prevention techniques in order to manage sugar cravings

/ Find your ideal weight without feeling guilty and without giving up taste

/ Stop neglecting yourself by letting go of obsessive thoughts and stop being emotionally dependent on food
/ Facilitate digestion, reduce symptoms of bloating, discomfort and stomach pain

/ NUTRITION coaching


Complete nutrition assessment

Define your personal goals

Implement an action plan to move forward at your own pace

Detoxification/withdrawal from sugar and other addictive food substances

Caring and safe space

130 CHF (1 hour)
(130 EUR)


The most effective tool to assess addiction/ pathological use of sugar, carbohydrates (such as flour) and other processed foods (SUGAR® : Sugar Use General Assessment Recording)

Deep insight and overview of your eating behavior

Find out if you are an emotional eater or a food addict

(2 hours) assessment
(1 hour) results debrief
297 CHF
(300 eur)


Customized food plan to move toward your goals

Progress towards mindful eating without obsessive thoughts

Support and solutions to handle difficult situations/ relapse management

 (Coaching frequency to be defined together)

130 CHF (1 hour)
(130 EUR)

Payment at the end of the session (credit card, PayByLink or Twint)
Consultations are not eligible for coverage by LaMal or any supplementary health insurance