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Are you addicted to sugar?
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We all have a deep desire to feel happy and to find peace of mind and soul. A times in our lives, when wholeness of peace and beauty slips away, we feel sadness and even a slight sense of mourning. This is one of the natural cycles of life, and it’s not a cycle we can control. Addiction can be viewed as an attempt to control these uncontrollable cycles. To some extent, we try to make emotional sense out of life with food.

Healing happens from the inside out. The body doesn’t loose weight to get healthy, the body gets healthly to loose weight. By gradually reconnecting with your feelings, you stop abandoning yourself.

I’m Ekaterina. I am a nutritionist in Lausanne (Switzerland) and I do online consultations as well. If eating for you is synonymous with guilt and stress and you no longer want to hear the word ‘diet,’ I can help you regain a peaceful relationship with food and with yourself.

IT IS NOT A lack OF willpower


Do you know what you want from life, or has food eclipsed the possibilities ? Do you sense your special purpose in this world, or you’ve lost belief in yourself ? Struggling against food may have robbed you of the energy to dream.

You may have already followed restrictive diets or exhausting workout routines without ever being able to maintain a long term change. You have grown to believe you lack willpower or motivation. In fact, you overeat because you’re unhappy with yourself, and because you’re unhappy with yourself, you overeat. However, no one helped you realize you were trying to control something beyond your control.

Nobody eats to be overweight or addicted on purpose. Yet, when faced with processed foods such as chocolate, chips, and other ‘treats,’ you still can’t seem to stop.

The good news is that change is really possible. Your life is important. 

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” Carl Rogers



Changing your eating habits is exciting, but can also be tough, especially if you have a sugar addiction. 

Even so, if you want te have a chance for success,

don’t fall into these 3 mistakes trap.